Who We Are

Brainsource helps organisations build a dedicated team, without having to worry about office facilities, IT, recruitment, HR, payroll, and more.

Our operating model offers all the advantages of “the big end of town” without having to carry the internal knowledge, expertise and capacity to establish and manage an offshore facility.

Brainsource was formed for a singular purpose – to allow small to medium businesses leverage the same economies of scale available to the big end of town.

Our ethos is simple. We do not have a graduate intake or an intern program. Rather, each of our team member are carefully selected for their values that they hold and the experience that they bring to bear for our clients. Every team member has significant experience in their specialist domain, and the suite of skills encompasses a broad range of professions.

As a Brainsource client you will form a close bond with a Service Delivery Manager, but know that this relationship is just a gateway into a vast pool of specialist expertise available to your business.

Brainsource: Outsourcing Done Differently