A Case Study:
How Applied Education Maintains Operational Efficiency Without Sacrificing Compliance

A Case Study

About Applied Education

Established in 1999, Applied Education specialises in online accounting, bookkeeping and business courses. As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), Applied Education qualifications are both nationally recognised and highly regarded by industry professionals and recognised as a Tier 1 training organisation for the financial services industry.

Business Need

In a hyper competitive environment where universities are increasingly encroaching into the traditional RTO market, providers must be relentlessly in search of operational efficiency without sacrificing compliance or service standards. This is challenging for small/medium RTOs that do not have the financial capacity and internal resourcing to establish large offshore teams. To remain competitive, they must be able to access the same efficiency leverage that larger entities have access to.

Nica Torres — Brainsource Accounting Extraordinaire

Brainsource Support

How We Helped

Brainsource Philosophy — Simplicity

Customer Support

Respond to web-based support requests

Resolve student and public enquiries

Build a knowledge base of common enquiries

Actively participate in the enrolments team

Brainsource Solutions: Job Roles — Copywriter

Qualified Assessors

Undertake assessment duties across a variety of courseware

Mark student assessments after lodgement

Offer guidance and learning support through detailed comments

Undertake reporting and other assessor back-office functions


Applied Education is going through a period of transformation and growth from a traditional classroom-led RTO model to a more contemporary online-led model.

Their new ethos includes sourcing the best talent anywhere that it is available and aligning systems and processes to accommodate. The result is access to a broader pool of well-qualified people and enhanced operational efficiency at all levels, positioning Applied Education to continue delivering high-quality financial education for the next 21 years.


“Precious has been an invaluable resource and brought an incredibly high level of professionalism and customer service. She has integrated perfectly with our internal team, participates actively in group discussions, and her expertise has allowed us to support our customers even better than before. The flexibility of being able to schedule support hours when our customers need them means that we can be more responsive to their needs, and her friendly can-do attitude means customers leave the support queue feeling satisfied and cared for.”

Cameron Pilbeam

Enrolment Advisor, Applied Education

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