Our Operating Model

Brainsource focuses on creating a resilient operating model focused on optimising your resource while helping you reach your business goal at an accelerated rate.

Outsourcing is nothing new. In fact, large enterprises have been taking advantage of currency differences for decades, cementing their size and scale advantage over the SME sector. The Brainsource operating model offers all the advantages of “the big end of town” without having to carry the internal knowledge, expertise and capacity to establish and manage an offshore facility.

To decide if offshoring is for you, you first need to understand exactly what the term ‘offshoring’ means. There are a few different types of offshoring, and they’re not all right for all businesses. They all have their own pros and cons.

Unlike other models of offshoring staffing, you get a dedicated, full-time team, and full control over their workload, processes and quality. So you can really integrate them into your business and get the best results.

Brainsource Operating Model

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